Transforming Lives Appeal

“ At Seashell Trust, we’re here to make things happen. The day when a vulnerable or disabled child or young person comes to Seashell, is the day everything changes. We can make a real difference to the lives of those suffering with a combination of deafness, blindness, autism, physical disabilities, multiple learning difficulties or significant brain damage, And now, we want to do more, for those who need us the most.” Mark Geraghty, CEO & Principal

Sometimes, making things happen, means making big choices. To help us continue and extend our work, our big choice has been to create the very first National Centre of Excellence that will help us to reach out to many more families across the UK, earlier and more effectively.

The Seashell Trust vision is that by 2020 we will be able to support any child and family in the UK that needs the specialised help we provide. The new centre will enable us to do more than ever before to transform the lives and communication skills of children with the most complex needs so that they and their families can enjoy bright, positive futures.

To achieve this we are embarking on a major transformation plan that by 2020 will see £20 million worth of investment. Our first step is to provide new homes and new services to reach out to hundreds more families in need, requiring £10 million of investment by Seashell and people like you. We are committing £2 million of our charity’s own funds.

Right now, our priority is to attract the support of likeminded individuals and organisations with the ability to make leadership gifts, share their business acumen and influence others to establish the foundations of our campaign.

We have set the bar high but without this level of ambition many of the UK’s most vulnerable children are in danger of being left behind. We hope you will feel moved to become one of our founding campaign partners to help us achieve our vision.