Specialist Facilities and Community Use

All of our facilities are fully accessible to children and young people with severe and complex needs.  Our facilities include state of the art accommodation for the children and young people who reside with us, a fully accessible play park, a gamelan room, animal care centre, swimming and hydrotherapy pools and a broad range of accessible sports and recreational facilities, including an outside gym, cycling, trampolining and fully inclusive fitness suite.  Students also have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of external activities including the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Community Use of Facilities

A number of our specialist facilities and on-site services are available for broader community and individual use.  This includes: 

Seashell Swim - Seashell Swim offers a fully comprehensive swimming programme for able and disabled children and adults.

Stay and Play – our Stay and Play scheme provides a fun and stimulating environment where pre-school children with complex needs, aged 6 to 36 months, and their parents and carers can engage in developmentally appropriate activities which help to improve the child’s development of communication, early exploration, movement and independence.  

Fitness Suite - our on-site fitness suite is accredited by the Inclusive Fitness Initiative.  This means that it is accessible to both people with and without a disability.

Seashell Sports and Wellbeing – our award winning Seashell CADS (Children’s Able and Disabled Sports) Programme provides inclusive weekly sports clubs and holiday activities throughout the year

Hydrotherapy Pool – our hydrotherapy pool is available for private use and can include the provision of specialist staff.

Audiology Services – we have a state of the art audiology clinic on site, with clinical and behavioural audiologists who are experienced in working with children and young people with multi-sensory impairments, autism and communication difficulties.  Our onsite audiologists have access to diagnostic technology that has been specifically modified for children and young people with complex needs, along with equipment that is widely used in NHS clinics.  The audiologist can also routinely fit and manage hearing aids and perform follow up checks to ensure it is working effectively.

Gamelan Suite – Gamelan is an Indonesian percussion orchestra  which can be used to promote the musical development, communication skills and socio-emotional wellbeing of children and young people.