Support for Seashell

Dear Supporter,

We hope you and your family are keeping safe and well.  In the last few days we took the extremely difficult decision to close Royal School Manchester and Royal College Manchester.  Although school and college are closed our residential students who are on 45/52 week placements, where Seashell Trust is considered to be their home, will continue to be supported on campus as long as it is safe to do so.  This decision has not been taken lightly especially as we acknowledge the impact on families who will suddenly be faced with finding specialist childcare at home.

For the children and young people who live at Seashell we are trying to maintain their daily routines as much as possible within the confines dictated by Government guidelines.  Our dedicated staff (those who are able to work) are supporting our students 24-hours a day.  Our education and care teams are organising additional activities on site to keep everyone in good spirits: from music making and creative arts through to cookery and games.

Fortunately Seashell has a large campus in which our residential homes are situated and so the children, young people and their carers can still get out and about to give them some physical activity and fresh air.

At the same time as we speak we are working on ways in which we can extend our direct help to those Seashell families, whose children are currently at home.

Our staff are in contact with families to provide them with immediate support for example by sending/emailing them guides on developing homemade objects of reference, symbols and pictures, that they are used to using in school and college, to help them with means of communication.

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our imminent fundraising events and many of you who offered to take part in one of the forthcoming mass participating events will be disappointed as we know from your messages that you have been training really hard in preparation.  We will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything from the organisers.

Our dedicated staff are our most valuable asset and, thanks to them, we are able to continue to support our Seashell families.

We value your continued support and will keep posting updates on our website and via our social media.  If you felt able to make a donation to help fund the activities for the children and young people still at Seashell that would be very gratefully received.

With our best wishes.

 Jolanta McCall

Chief Executive and Principal