Seashell Trust Strikes Gold at the Manchester Aquatics Swimming Gala

Report by Maureen Wilkins

Team Seashell took on FE colleges from across the North West at the Manchester Aquatics swimming Gala. Hosted by Bridge College. The water was cold and a challenge to get in with some students struggling to adapt at first. Participants Daniel F, Khaled M, Matthew H, James B, Stephen D and Carl B competing against some of the top swimmers from across the North West. Bridge College, Melland, and David Lewis are really a source to be reckoned with, but then again that didn’t intimidate our swimmers on the day. DF was seen eyeing up the opposition on the start line in his first breast stroke event this being his strongest event D looked confident and strong. 

There was an eerie silence as the starter approached the start line, the whistle blew and there was an eruption of noise and excitement, the crowds roared and cheered shouting their teams on.  The photo finish between Melland and Seashell proved to be a tense few moments, however swooped in to win in an excellent time of 34.0 seconds taking the Gold by a fraction. D went on the claim silver in Back stroke, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship by independently shaking the hand of his opponent from Bridge College.

The medals didn’t stop there, Matthew H had a sterling race, taking bronze in the front crawl and a new personal best in a staggering time of 1.37 seconds, his family spectating from the viewing platform were so proud of his achievement. Carl B competing for the first time in the front crawl and breast stroke events was pipped at the post, finishing in 4th place in a time of 1.48 seconds for breast stroke and 1.52 for crawl. 

By the end of the event the athletes were feeling very tired, however they had one more chance at the final relay race. As the event was about to start, the teams nervously walked to their positions. 1st leg James B, 2nd leg Stephen D, 3rd leg, Khaled M and 4th leg Daniel F. There was tension in the air and a calm silence as the starter approached “on your marks - set go” the cheers were echoing across the leisure centre, it was all go, all the teams working hard to get to the finish. Melland were way ahead with David Lewis and Seashell working hard to keep in touch.  Alas it was not to be…….. Melland being the clear winners, but the race was on between Seashell and David Lewis, with about 5 metres to go, David Lewis just pipped Seashell to the post. Seashell commendably taking Bronze, in a fantastic time of 3.31 seconds.

The whole event was a fantastic experience for all our students and families. Thank you to all the staff for their enthusiasm and positivity in making this event such a resounding success. Well done to all the participants who represented Royal College Manchester.