University of Manchester Conference : Deaf children now: changing the conversation

24th June 2019
Deaf Children Now Conference

2 day conference
Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 June 2019 
University of Manchester: Deaf children now: changing the conversation 

Conference Dinner option, evening of Monday 24 June

From its beginnings 100 years ago, the University of Manchester's work in the field of Deaf Education and Audiology has championed the rights of all deaf children and their parents.

Adopting a holistic approach that ensures all those providing services are working together to achieve this goal is as important in 2019 as it was in 1919, and even more challenging as science, technology and service delivery become more complex and varied.

To think about how we can work together effectively in the current climate, we invite you to a ground-breaking 2 day conference in which we actively promote collaboration and interdisciplinary working partnerships. The conference will include world-renowned specialists from the fields of Deaf Education, Audiological Science and Audiotechnology, Genetics and Neurology/Behavioural Sciences to stimulate our conversation, together with the important perspectives and lived experience of Deaf Adults. This is a conference where wide ranging discussions will be valued and encouraged as we seek to work together to better support deaf children and their families.

This is the one you cannot afford to miss, whether you are a Teacher of the Deaf, Audiologist, Medical Audiologist, Speech and Language Therapist or Social Worker. If you work with deaf children you need to be part of the conversations that promote joint working, and deeper understanding of the perspectives of other professionals. Together we can make a difference in actively ensuring deaf children and their families receive the best services possible.