Sensory Processing and Communication Taster Session

29th April 2020

Sensory Processing and CommunicationTaster Session
Date: Wednesday 29th April
Time: 5-7pm
Price: £15

Do you want to have greater understanding around sensory processing and communication challenges to better support children in the classroom?

Our course will give learners increased knowledge of sensory difficulties and how to ensure children access strategies of support. It will also unpick sensory-related behaviours and share tips on how to support children to communicate effectively; enabling their needs to be met.

More about our Sensory Processing and CommunicationTaster Session
Sensory processing difficulties can impact on everyday life activities including self-care, play, communication, access to education, sleep and many more.

If an individual has difficulties managing their sensory needs, they may display certain behaviours and/or characteristics which can be frequently misunderstood as them being ‘naughty’, clumsy’ or simply just ‘not paying attention’. They may also struggle to communicate how they are feeling when they are experiencing sensory overload which leads to a pattern of repeated behaviours and negative learnt responses to situations, and environments.

This taster session will build your understanding of what sensory processing difficulties look like and how they vary by individual, as well as show how to empower children to share how they are feeling so they can gain support when needed.

Booking your place
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