British Sign Language (BSL) Courses

05th September 2018

Our British Sign Language courses begin on Wednesday 5th September

Duration: Each unit is 12 weeks (term time only)

Chose from:

Wednesdays at 1-3pm, 3.30-5.30pm or 7-9pm


Unit 101: £100
Units 101,102 and 103: £300

This qualification is designed to teach participants how to communicate with deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use. They will gain basic skills and confidence in production and reception of BSL. The qualification is divided into three units, each of which can be achieved separately. Learners who are new to BSL should cover BSL101 first, as units BSL102 and BSL103 build on this knowledge.

Topics include:

  • Unit 101: Introduction to BSL
  • Unit 102: Conversational BSL
  • Unit 103: Communicate in BSL everyday

For more information about BSL, or to book your place, email or call 0161 610 0187.