College Curriculum

Students at the college follow an individualised course based on their individual needs and preferences.

The college offers three main course areas and is piloting an adapted supported internship programme for students looking to progress to work. Brochures for each of the three course areas can be found in the Publications section of the website:

Entry-Level Preparation For Life & Work
Autism Support Course
Sensory Course
More details about our work experience offers can be found in the Valuing Employment leaflet or under Employment Services

A range of relevant and meaningful opportunities are offered to promote independence skills across the community and within residential settings. The curriculum in college and with community partners is established on relevant, practically-based and highly motivating learning opportunities which enable students to explore options and develop skills.

The college uses its expertise around communication and person-thinking tools to help students express their views which are incorporated into their planning and help them to shape their own programmes.  All students have individual timetables that reflect activities to support the achievement of long term goals and their individual preferences.   Some students have clear ideas about what they like to do, others need to explore options through first hand experience.

Multidisciplinary meetings provide regular liaison between residence and education.  Individual tutorials, student diaries and weekly reviews enable the student, tutor, therapists, learning support assistant and the residential support workers monitor progress towards these targets.

Students progress from the course to a range of options including supported living, personalised day services, further learning or supported work as appropriate to each persons needs and aspirations.