Students Driving Change Around Their Community

The student council organised and participated in a protest to raise awareness of the need for road safety in the area around college this week. Worried that some drivers in the area around the college travel too quickly, or don't always recognise that students may be using equipment like walkers, students and staff across all departments worked together to make students' concerns heard.

Some class groups used the opportunity to make their own signs, highlighting the problem in their own words and explaining what they want drivers to do about it. Others printed and laminated materials to make their point.

Groups took to the pedestrian areas near the places where poor driving has been noticed in order to get the most attention paid to their cause. Several passers-by showed their approval of the protest, which reached a number of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

"This shows how important Learner Voice is to all our students," says Bernie White, Director of Education at Seashell Trust. "The young people saw there was a problem with the behaviour of some drivers. They took steps to make others aware of the problem and put their solution into practice. Staff supported them, but the students' opinions were central to the whole initiative. Their confidence in speaking up and knowing that they have the right to be heard about issues which effect them is a brilliant example of the self-advocacy skills we believe all young people should be supported to develop."