Results are in... TriSeashell was a great success!

The weekend saw the launch of the first annual TriSeashell community triathlon and 5k run, with more than 60 people turning out to compete, help keep the event running smoothly or cheer along on a day which brought together athletes of all abilities to celebrate their shared love of sport.

Amongst them were a founding member of Team Gladiator (Royal College Manchester’s competitive athletics team), several college graduates and members of local running clubs. The triathlon, open to athletes with learning disabilities and/or multi-sensory impairments, included many athletes with different degrees of physical disability as well: allowing athletes to compete in duathlon or single-discipline elements of the sport, as well as access to specialist equipment (including adapted bikes, MOTOmed cycles, slings, hoists and symbol-supported signs) meant more athletes could join on the day. With the help of their supporters and volunteers, all athletes could understand what they needed to do, manage their equipment and transitions between events safely, and stick to the race track – all problems which some of our young people have needed assistance to solve in the past!

The weather stayed sunny and bright, despite our last-minute fears that we would be in for some torrential rain, and several athletes brought along their families to cheer them on. The day would not have been possible without the support of people from Crazy Legs Events, all our volunteers helping to coordinate the events and the individual supporters, and to them we wish a very heartfelt thank you.

And to all our runners and triathletes? A great big well done – and see you next year at TriSeashell 2016! 

Want to know how well you did? All results are available online here.