Manchester Grammar School volunteering visit

Students from Manchester Grammar School have been volunteering at Seashell Trust! The school has supported Seashell Trust's work for several years, arranging trips to volunteer and take part in disability awareness sessions, and this year their help was more welcome than ever.

Unfortunately, after the lightning strike which set our scout hut on fire, equipment that was being stored for our forest school, summer fair, music and fundraising teams was destroyed. We were deeply moved to receive an outpouring of support from the community, many of whom had fond memories of going to Scouts or visiting during our fair themselves. Thanks to their help, our summer fair this Saturday stayed on track and looks set to be more exciting than ever!

The boys from MGS attended sessions designed to help them learn more about the experience of having a disability and what factors are the most important when thinking about accessibility and inclusivity. They met some of our students around the site and put their newfound skills to good use, helping create communication aids for our students who use PECS or symbols to help them better understand what is being said.

A huge thanks from everyone at Seashell Trust to the boys for all their hard work!