LGBT Holiday Project

While we generally look forward to the holiday season, we accept that it may also be a time that some find stressful and isolating. This time can be especially difficult for some LGBT youth. Whether they have little contact with their families, are struggling with homophobia or a lack of acceptance in their community, or are worried that they will be rejected when they come out, this time of year can bring several challenges for people who feel unsupported.

For this reason, our Royal College Manchester students, staff and family members are joining together to send messages of support and hope. They will launch their campaign at this year’s Winter Craft Fair, where they will collect messages of goodwill, and members of the public can add their own by tweeting us @Seashelltrust or by emailing us.  

Messages received as part of this initiative will be published on our blog throughout the holiday period so that any LGBT young person who feels lonely or invalidated at this time will be reminded that they are valued, just as they are.

Further information and support can be found via the following links: