Fun In The Summer Term!

While the weather might have you thinking otherwise, the summer term has officially arrived! After a fun holiday, school and college are both back in session and students are gearing up for the end of the year.

The holidays were still a busy time for everyone onsite - an Easter Bunny dropped by our care homes to help our residential students mark the occasion with an Egg Hunt, face painting and, of course, plenty of chocolate! Students staying with us over the break, either as part of their short break packages or because they live in our care homes, enjoyed days out and more fun activities onsite. One particular favourite was a cycling session with our CADS attendees - seeing everyone, no matter their level of ability or disability, get on a bike they could ride around our sensory garden and the track near our houses and outdoor gym was lovely to see!

Our April CADS introduced children and young people to some sports they hadn't tried before, including lacrosse, climbing, tag rugby and dodgeball. Old favourites like swimming, dance and the ever-popular Tug of War were also a hit, as well as an interactive drama session and arts and crafts activities.

One parent was particularly moved by the progress her child made during the CADS week. On the first day, her child was anxious about being in a new place without her - but after our staff reassured them, jumped up happily and announced that they were going to go swimming. Their mum was delighted to see them come home happy, relaxed and exhausted from trying so many new things!

You might see one other change as you approach the site now... Our school's third Outstanding Ofsted inspection sign is now up! Congratulations again, and a very big well done to everyone at Royal School Manchester!