Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Royal College Manchester's students have expanded the college newspaper, a termly newspaper published by the students describing what was going on around the college campus and often including items of interest like traffic surveys, information about extra-curricular activities and reviews. It's a great tool to make sure everyone hears about important changes and can get to know more about their fellow students.

The termly release meant that students still weren't hearing about events up to the minute. As several students wanted to incorporate more physical activity into the newspaper tutor sessions, they looked for ways to expand the 'delivery' role. Would more frequent releases be possible? Deciding stories, writing them, editing and publishing the newsletter was only one element of their study programme; it would be hard to balance a huge increase in frequency with the rest of their studies.

Instead, the students and their support workers found the perfect solution: with a more frequent news Bite service, everyone would be able to get the top headlines in a short, easily-digestible format, and students looking for more delivery-based work experience would be able to put their skills to use far more regularly.

Today's top headline is about the start of the new academic year, which brought more than 30+ students to Seashell Trust. Transition can always be a tricky time that brings up a lot of anxieties, especially for young people with communication difficulties who find it hard to ask for reassurance when they're worried, but the college students are happy to say that things are going well.