College Newspaper Out Now

The summer edition of the college newspaper has arrived, with photos of the prom and the new houses, interviews with staff and students joining the college in September, local news, results of the on-site car survey and more.

The paper is staffed by a team of six students, Mariyam, Amy, Catherine, Holly, Julia and Robert, and staff supporting them. Students work on the newspaper as part of their learning programmes and can often be found conducting surveys, arranging interviews or reporting on events happening at Seashell and in the local community.

Each student contributes several different articles to the paper. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our star reporters in this issue:

Catherine advises on sun safety, produces a multisensory report on springtime and interviews Greg, a class tutor from the ‘Preparation for Life and Work’ course, about the department’s special Olympics event, and organised a photo display of the sports on offer.

Julia reports on news from the local community – a folk festival, and a food & drink celebration – and demonstrates relevant BSL signs. She also takes a look at the developments at Seashell Trust, by reporting on the Summer Fair, photographing our new residential houses and working with Holly to report on the opening of the new houses.

More Royal College Manchester news is reported by Holly, as she prepared a report and photomontage of the Leavers’ Prom, interviewed a new staff member and asked our assistive technologist Matt to explain his work with switch technology further. She also wrote short profiles introducing Shaquille and Carl, two students who will be joining the college in September who have recently visited the college as part of their transition.

Amy conducted a catering survey about preferences for crisps and has produced a pie chart showing her results. She also met with a group of volunteers from Barclays and reports on their work around the college, thanking them for helping keep our gardens looking nice.

Mariyam leads the way in sports reporting, with her work on the Inter-College Sports Day and the Bendrigg residential, where students tried archery, caving, rock-climbing, canoeing and more. Following a report on Ramadan and Eid, Mariyam also decided to investigate how many Muslim students there are in college.

Having heard about Robyn’s success on her recent work experience placement, Robert visits her to learn more, and writes a short guide on using the local library. He also conducts an on-site traffic survey, counting the number of cars which pass the site entrance, and has produced a graph showing the results of a survey about what students would like to see in the next issue of the newspaper.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy today!