Please Support Our Planning Application for the Transformation of the Seashell Trust Site


“ At Seashell Trust, we’re here to make things happen. The day when a vulnerable or disabled child or young person comes to Seashell, is the day everything changes. We can make a real difference to the lives of those suffering with a combination of deafness, blindness, autism, physical disabilities, multiple learning difficulties or significant brain damage, And now, we want to do more, for those who need us the most.” Jolanta McCall, CEO & Principal

The Seashell Trust vision is that by 2020 we will be able to support any child and family in the UK that needs the specialised help we provide. The new centre will enable us to do more than ever before to transform the lives and communication skills of children with the most complex needs so that they and their families can enjoy bright, positive futures.

The first step in our transformation plan has been successfully achieved by providing new care homes that may provide accommodation for students attending our school or college and for children and young people accessing short breaks at Seashell Trust.  This has led to the demolition of the old and redundant care homes.

Our next major step includes a new, state-of the-art-school building, new services to support families of children with profound disabilities and the provision of better-quality, inclusive sports and recreational facilities for families and local communities across the region. The proposals will enable us to improve and extend our unique and exceptional services to families providing high levels of specialist education and care long into the future.

Outline plans for the all-encompassing redevelopment of our campus were first submitted In February 2016 and we have since submitted additional documents to prove that the campus meets the 'exceptional circumstances' needed to justify building on the greenbelt.  A financial statement also included in the documents shows how all the money from the sale of the land will be reinvested in the development of the new school campus.  

At the meeting of Stockport Council’s Planning and Highways Committee on 11 January 2018 members voted 7 to 5 against the planning officials’ recommendation to approve.  

Seashell Trust has now submitted an appeal against the decision of Stockport Council Planning and Highways Committee which will be heard by public enquiry, commencing Tuesday 7 May 2019.