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Seashell Trust is a national charity supporting children and young adults with complex learning disabilities and additional communication needs from across the UK. We provide education and care, from 2 – 25 years, at our outstanding school and college and through our short breaks services

19th November 2018

Five Day Course for Intervenors
19th - 23rd November 2018
Seashell Trust, Cheadle Hulme
Cost: £450

This is the original Intervenor Course developed and delivered by Jenny Fletcher and colleagues from Sense.  The five day course is specifically designed for teaching assistants, health care workers, learning support workers, social care workers and those employed to work on a 1:1 basis with a child or young person who is congenitally multi-sensory impaired or deafblind or has a single sensory impairment with additional complex needs.

Seashell student claps in celebration
06th November 2018

Seashell Trust is ten today!

On November 7, 2008 the former Royal Schools for the Deaf, now a national centre of excellence in care and special education, took inspiration from its heritage and long-term logo - the conch shell, with the shape of the cochlear or inner ear.

The 185-year-old charity had expanded its original remit to such an extent it needed a new name to reflect its 21st century role working with children affected by some of the most complex disabilities in the country.